Sara Bosco

The Prismatic Stylist

Hairstylist | Syracuse, NY

Step into the enchanting world of beauty curated by Sara, the vibrant and skilled stylist at Rose Quartz Salon. With a heart as radiant as the salon’s namesake gem, Sara brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every client in her chair.

Sara standing in front of a waterfall during a photoshoot with her husband. Who happens to be a pretty awesome photographer! My hair is rainbow color. This was the first time I did rainbow colored hair!

Hi there, I’m Sara

A selfie of Sara in her car. She is sporting purple hair in this photo.

A Passion for Transformation

I understand that each client is unique, and I thrive on creating personalized styles that enhance your natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking a fresh cut, a stunning color transformation, or the latest trends, I have the artistic touch to bring your vision to life.

Vivid Hair Coloring



Vibes that Speak Beauty

Beyond her technical skills, Sara is a hairstylist known for her incredible ability to connect with clients. Her positive energy and genuine interest in your style goals create an uplifting and enjoyable salon experience. Step into her chair not just for a makeover, but for a delightful and personal beauty journey.

Sara believes styling is an art that transcends hair. Her approach is about redefining how you perceive yourself. Every cut and color is a step towards enhancing your inherent beauty and reinforcing your self-assurance. In Sara’s skilled hands, a visit to Rose Quartz Salon isn’t just a hair appointment – it’s an empowering journey of self-discovery and sophistication. Join us at Rose Quartz Salon in Syracuse and embark on a style adventure with Sara that harmonizes with your inner beauty.

Sara on an aerial silk, hanging upside down.


Hair Color

Hair Extensions

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